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Turn Your Spare Time Into CASH Teaching English online! Start by earning $20-25/hour and up.  Build to $75/hour AND MORE.

Want to Start Working Faster?

We developed a system especially to do that. It’s our NEW “Advantage System”
We know your goal is to start earning income doing something you love. Landing your dream job takes planning, strategy, consistent quality and a great mentor. That’s what we do.

Once you’re happy, we will be, too. #SUCCESS


You’re buying Results. We’ve bundled everything you’ll need to achieve the Results you want, and assembled them into an organized system. What we have is the system that delivers on landing your dream job for you.

  • GOLD STANDARD 140-hour TEFL course with “live people” support
  • Practicum (practice teaching) completely online with live students, including feedback for improvement
  • Mentoring
  • Advice,
  • Coaching,
  • Ongoing support
  • Access to the best career paths
  • Resume assistance
  • Cover letter direction,
  • Interview coaching, guidance and advice,
  • Help with your demos
  • …and we’ll give you lifetime access to our online resource center and our private social media group! 
  • …and there’s a LOT MORE included, too.

You HAVE to Check out our NEW “Advantage system!”


We’re ready to make you our next Success Story! Are you?

Our Process

We designed our process with your success as our main goal.

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We designed our process with your success as our main goal.

We asked why so many people failed in the online job market.  We listened to what people told us.

Our new “Advantage” system follows a process so you and other people can and will succeed.  We’re excited for you to check out our process <here>

Our System

When you need us, we’ll be ready.

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When you need us, we’ll be ready.

Our doors will always be open to you because good systems are built on having a lot of support.

We’ll keep you moving forward to reach your goals.  Our proprietary system is built on always being here for you when you need us – not just today, but in the future, too.

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Our Results

Somebody once told me that people only want money for what that money can buy..

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Somebody once told me that people only want money for what that money can buy, such as food.  When you’re hungry, a ten dollar bill isn’t as appetizing as a plate of food, right?

Same for TEFL.  You only want your TEFL certificate for what that TEFL certificate can buy for you. You really want the results.  You really want the career.

At eTEFL Online, we know that and that’s why we’re focussed on results, too – your results

Our goal is focussed on you:

  • Building your new enjoyable “work from home” career.
  • Building your new more flexible lifestyle.
  • Building your new fun lifestyle.
  • Building your newfound freedom

We worked hard to design and build a system with the end goal being you earning good money and being successful in your new career teaching English online. You’re buying the results – that’s the goal.

For more than five years, eTEFL Online has been delivering quality TEFL and English language programming, and our customer satisfaction rating of 4.8 (out of a possible 5 star rating) shows that our focus on quality is working.

We’re not done.  We’ll keep finding new and better ways to help you achieve your goals.

Our Directions

Here are a few of the ways we’ve stepped it up for you:

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♦ Quality:  eTEFL Online’s TEFL course was written in 2020 by Dr. Portman, a university professor specialized in TEFL and with 20+ years experience developing course curriculums.  His expertise helps the course flow smoothly and build logically.  eTEFL Online is recognized worldwide as one of the leading TEFL providers and respected by employers for it’s quality content.

♦ Accreditation:  eTEFL Online’s TEFL course is accredited by OTTSA (Online TEFL and TESOL Standards Agency).  Accreditation matters to employers, who look for accreditation from OTTSA, OFQUAL or ODLQC.  Those three are legitimate accrediting agencies – beware of fake accreditations.   check us out on the OTTSA accredited programs list <here>

♦ Real-world practice teaching:  Practice makes perfect and eTEFL Online organizes everything so that you teach real non-English speaking students LIVE with feedback – all online. You’ll feel much more confident when your TEFL course has had an authentic online practice teaching experience included.

♦ Support:  We’re here to provide you guidance with your turbocharged Resume and interview. If they’re specific to TEFL, your odds of landing one of the “top shelf” positions increases exponentially, so we built them into the process. The key to getting the best jobs is knowing what to include and how to pitch it.

♦ Mentorship (now included!):   You’ll receive mentoring as part of our eTEFL Online system!  It’s designed to help you personally get past any and every blockade, to seal in your successful result!

♦ More Revenue Streams:  We’ll help you build your freelancing, consulting and entrepreneurship revenue streams that open the doors to higher incomes and many new, exciting opportunities. The world is changing and keeping all options on the table is vital… check out reasons why <here>

♦ Lifetime Relationship:  Most companies sell you a course – that’s it – the relationship is ended.  We like being different.  We’ll give you lifetime access to our job bank, roster of online schools, private tutoring jobs, our own eTEFL Online teachers social network, our growing library of resources and much, much more!  The world is changing… We’ve got you covered!

♦ Communication:  We’ll check in on you to ensure you’re reaching your goals and to see how we can help you get there – better and faster!  We’re not prying, we just won’t see you stuck, lost or alone.


Teach Online! Freedom. Flexibility.


Don’t just take our word for it… Read what some of our previous clients say about us!

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