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Teach English Online


Turn Your Spare Time Into CASH Teaching English online!  Full Training Provided! 

Start earning $20-30/hour and up.

Build to $75/hour AND MORE.

We’ll Have You Working In No Time…

Most people want to start earning money NOW! We get that. Our NEW “Advantage System” was designed to help you land your Dream Job – Fast!

MOST people who go through our Advantage system will have earned back their entire cost before MOST of our competitor’s customers land their first paying job! Check it out here!



You want Results and we’ll do everything in our power to make that happen. #Success

We promise we’ll be right here with you through every inch of your journey. We’ll do everything we can to help you land your dream job.

What You Get:

  • GOLD STANDARD 150-hour TEFL course with “live people” support, including a 30-hour TEFL teaching Practicum (practice teaching) online, with live students, including feedback for improvement
  • Mentoring, Coaching and Ongoing support
  • Assistance with your Resume and Cover letter
  • Interview Coaching and Guidance
  • Help with your Demos
  • …and we’ll give you access to our online resource center & sign you up in our private social media group! 
  • …and there’s a LOT MORE…

Check out our NEW “Advantage system” RESULTS Page here

We’re ready to make you our next Success Story!

Are you ready to change your life for the better?


Advantage System Process

We have a goal: Your success.

We’ve assembled an end-to-end process where everything fits together with no gaps or duplication. It’s starts with our TEFL course and takes you to teaching online – and beyond.

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Our Advantage system fits together without gaps or duplication, eliminating the frustrations of hitting brick walls when you don’t know where or how to apply for TEFL jobs.

We provide everything you need, housed within our Advantage System.

Almost everybody who completes our TEFL certificate training starts working quicker and in better jobs that pay above average. Do you know that most of them will have paid for their entire system well before most new TEFL teachers will have landed their first paying job?

Our A-List TEFL course is where the Advantage System starts.  From there, it just keeps getting better and better!  Click here to check out our Advantage System Process!  <HERE>

Our Supports

When you need us, we’re ready to help, with real people you can talk to.

Teaching English is about much more than just knowing and speaking English. You’ll learn how to teach online, how to plan lessons, how to manage a virtual classroom, and more!

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The most important thing to our business is you. That’s why we provide you with support and direction to keep you motivated and moving forward.

Our support is available to you throughout your TEFL journey. Our aim is to ensure you meet your goals, so our supports are built on being here when you need us.

A recent TEFL graduate posted to Facebook that she was looking to apply for jobs. I was sad that this was allowed to happen. Somebody didn’t connect their TEFL course to the job market. 

Let’s make sure that your TEFL course does what you intended – Let’s make some money!

Please check out our support system <HERE>

It's About Results

With our Advantage system and support, you’ll be working SOONER and making MORE! You’ll earn back your complete cost before your competitor lands their first job!

Part-time… Full-time… You’ve Got This!

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You want results. 

eTEFL Online has the TEAM of specialists, each with specific strengths, who are committed to helping you earn more money and land jobs faster!

  • New, enjoyable “work from home” career
  • More flexibility in your lifestyle to work from home, the cottage, or travelling
  • Newfound freedom
  • Maximizing your income potential

When you purchase the Advantage system, you’re buying results. You’re buying these possibilities. You’re creating and shaping your future the way you want it to be. Dare to dream.

eTEFL Online has been delivering quality TEFL programs for more than five years and Google rates us 5.0 stars (on a scale of 1-5).

Premium Quality

eTEFL Online is over five years old. Customers have rated us 4.8 on a scale of 1-5. That’s no accident.

We focus on seeing you succeed by building quality into every process in our business. Continuous improvement is the mindset that drives every bundle and course we sell.

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♦Quality: Developed by an experienced university professor to flow smoothly and build logically.

♦Accreditation: OTTSA accreditation is important to employers. Link to OTTSA <here>

♦Real practice teaching: No role-playing. You teach real, non-English speaking students, LIVE, online with feedback. Employers love it.

♦Support: Our team provides support at every step from end-to end, including how to pitch yourself.

♦Mentorship: Designed to help you get past any and every blockade.

♦Additional Income Streams: Freelancing, consulting or entrepreneurship may be your calling and in a changing world, options are important. <HERE>

♦Lifetime Relationship: We have a newsletter, our own social media network, and we give you access to our resource center and much more!

♦Communication: We’ll be checking in from time to time for a friendly chat to see how you’re doing and if you need anything from us!

Don’t just take our word for it…

Read what some of our previous clients say about us!

Tegan De la Pierre
Tegan De la Pierre
eTEFL Online has well equipped me with all the tools I need to become a successful English language teacher. Not only do I now have the knowledge and experience to start my journey but do I have a support system to help me become the best I can be. Thank you to the team at eTEFL Online for your guidance and encouragement. I look forward to what lies ahead for me and to have a meaningful impact on the lives of my future students!
Kobus Alberts
Kobus Alberts
Hi, I am Kobus from South Africa. I recently did a mentorship with Zander who is TEFL certified and has done his course through eTEFL Online. As I am currently full time employed in the corporate world, I have not done my TEFL certificate as yet. However, with the guidance from Zander and the experience he has gained through eTEFL Online, I compiled a resume and applied for membership at a tutor platform. To my surprise, I have had success with 2 students thus far, a 3rd one pending, and they keep my evenings busy for about 3 to 4 hours daily. Without the knowledge Zander has gained from eTEFL Online, none of this would have been possible. I cannot wait to complete my certificate with eTEFL Online in order to promote myself on other platforms with the hope of turning my Online teaching into a successful business in future. Listening to my mentor and the awesome things he tells me about eTEFL Online, I cannot wait to be part of their team. So, in a nutshell, hats off to eTEFL Online and watch this space, I will be joining soon.
Adele Pansegrouw
Adele Pansegrouw
After the completion of my TEFL certificate I had no idea where to start. I've enrolled for the Mentorship programme and met Zander. The course is filled with valuable expertise and first hand knowledge on ESL teaching. Zander takes you on his road to success and equip you with all the tools, creativity, confidence and skills. The course has exceeded my wildest expectations. I have learnt time management, pushing my boundaries, unleash tons of creativity and most importantly, pursuing my passion for teaching. eTEFL Online takes this journey with you and share your success! You will not be disappointed. Take a leap of faith and start living your dream!
Pepi Malamoglou
Pepi Malamoglou
I recently completed a mentorship programme with eTEFL online as I had achieved my TEFL qualification and needed guidance to apply to schools and platforms so I could start teaching English online. Zander and Jody shared so much of their personal experiences and within a week of completing the programme, I have secured 2 positions. This investment will be returned tenfold within a few months
Alison Pedro
Alison Pedro
The personal touch sets this course up above all others in the industry. Even post course support, priceless. This has had such a big impact on my life, in both business and personal. Thank you Zander and Jody for sharing your experience and knowledge. The course has been such a learning curve and turning point for me. Quality education. Thank you.
Zander Botha
Zander Botha
I want to say that eTefl Online is the best things since sliced bread, but the fact is that they are much better. About a year ago I started considering making a career change and one of the options that I was considering was online teaching. I came across eTefl Online, and saw that there was an option to have a representative from the company contact me to answer any questions I had. I later discovered that it was not a representative but the founder, which meant a lot to me at the time and even more later on in my journey. Jody was able to answer all of my questions and I felt safe making this big change with his input, experience and knowledge of the online teaching world. Choosing this company to equip me for my online teaching career has been the best decision I have made and after only 7 months of being an online teacher, I am overwhelmed by the success I have experienced in this new career, all thanks to the support from Jody and his team. I would say that NOT choosing eTefl Online, is like saying 'no' to sliced bread, it just doesn't make sense. Highly recommend!
Zantus Piechaczek
Zantus Piechaczek
I would like to thank e-TEFL, this is a great course with professional people! It was an absolute pleasure doing the course, keep on with the great service!
Landia Davies
Landia Davies
I'm 100% happy I did my TEFL course with eTEFL Online! The service was excellent - they were helpful, professional, quick to reply and knowledgeable. The course itself was comprehensive yet concise and engaging. When I submitted my final assignments I got my TEFL certificate and feedback within a few days which was fantastic. I highly recommend them!
Aynur Tleuli
Aynur Tleuli
It was fast and clear.
Michyla Thorley
Michyla Thorley
I enjoyed getting my tefl through etefl online, they were helpful and informative. They went the extra mile to communicate and help us through our certificate and still continue to help us with finding jobs and opportunities. I would recommend this company for anyone considering doing a tefl certificate.

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