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Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t have a teaching qualification. Can I still do this?

Definitely.  A valid, recognized TEFL certificate (included in our Advanced System) is necessary to teach English online in many countries.  eTEFL Online’s accredited, 140-hour online TEFL course exceeds the international standard needed for teaching online and face-to-face. Furthermore, with our practicum (practice-teaching) included, our TEFL course is preferred by regulators in many countries!

Do I need a degree to tutor English online?

No. Some countries and some employers  require a university degree, but there are options, including working freelance or even starting your own online teaching business, that do not require formal education.  We can assist you with the option that works best for you.  

How much can I earn?

Hourly rates vary from company to company and from country to country. Rates often depend on your qualifications and experience, too. Consider:

Let’s assume you earn $20/hour and work part-time, 3 hours per day.

$20 x 3 = $60/day

Let’s assume you work 20 days a month.

$60 x 20 = $1,200/month, part-time.

If you earned $50/hour, you could earn $3,000/month part-time.

Sometimes, if you have a specialized niche, your earnings can be very high. For example, a group of people in the medical field may need to better understand labels and a group of 10 or more might be prepared to pay $20 or more each for training in this area. That’s $200/hour!

Is there an age limit?

Some online schools may have an unstated preference for younger teachers, but many do not.  Our Advantage system includes support for freelancing which will help you get your own students, teach what you want to, set your own rates, and bypass the schools altogether, if that is what you prefer.

Is there a payment plan?

Yes, we do. When you choose your Online Teaching Bundle, you will be given the choice to pay in full or pay a 50% down payment and 2 more monthly payments of 27,5% each totalling 105% of the total fee. (We add 5% for admin charges) 

Are your courses accredited?

Yes, they are. OTTSA is an accreditation body set up in the UK, a hotbed for teaching English as a Foreign Language. OTTSA audits and accredits online TEFL courses. Your certificate will be recognised and accepted globally by employers, recruiters and government agencies. You can check our accreditation status here.

How do I get started?

If you want to start teaching right away, your first step is to enroll in our Online Teacher Bundles.

We accept debit card, VISA or Mastercard, or with PayPal.  The currency will default to your country automatically.

If you have questions or hesitation, please feel free to email me with questions at

I would welcome the chance to chat with you briefly on Zoom or on another platform, where I can answer your questions and discuss whether TEFL and teaching English is the right “fit” for you.  Let’s set a Zoom call here.

Why do I need a TEFL course?

The eTEFL Online TEFL course gives people who fluently speak English the tools to teach English as a second or foreign language to people who do not have a great command of the language, or none at all. 

TEFL teachers often have to plan their lessons, structure classes, and understand how to teach a class who cannot speak their language. They need to maximize the value for students and know how to engage an online class of students. This is a science of its own. That is a part of what you will learn in your TEFL course.  

To see a breakdown of course contents, click here.


TEFL stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language and TESOL stands for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. These acronyms are used interchangeably in different parts of the world and are the international standards for tutoring English online or face to face. The course is designed for those who have no experience teaching a new language and will prepare you to teach English to students who don’t already know the language.

How, exactly, do I tutor English online?

Have a look at our blog section where we have several posts about what your responsibilities will be and how online classes are taught. Click here to read them.

Can I work full-time or part-time?

Most people begin part-time with some people making the leap to full-time as their comfort and enjoyment levels increase.

At the start, you will likely be given part-time hours until you have proven yourself. Remember that your employer is worried about his or her reputation and as you gain more experience and positive reviews, you will be afforded more choices to teach and at higher earnings rates. Our Advantage system is designed to give you the skills and tools to work for both online schools and for yourself so you decide how many hours you want to work. 

Will eTEFL Online help find me an online tutoring job?

TEFL is very versatile. Some TEFL graduates travel to far-off destinations where they teach in classrooms for 1-2 semesters, experiencing the world in cultures and in lands that are totally unique and lifetime experiences. Many of these also work with people in the area to help them with their English challenges, too. 

Some TEFL graduates enjoy earning extra cash from home or the cottage and teaching in online schools. Some are even teaching from the cottage that TEFL is helping them pay for! While online schools are where most people start, moving into tutoring and freelancing is often the next step for this group, too, as earnings tend to be higher in this domain.

We help other TEFL graduates to get their own students by setting themselves up as freelancers.  You’ll also have access to our teacher’s resource library with useful links to jobs, training videos, videos on how to teach certain areas of English Grammar or pronunciation and done-for-you lesson plans to help get you started.

At eTEFL Online, helping you set up as a freelancer is just one more of the services we provide to you.

Who provides the certification courses?

We have created our own accredited 120-hour TEFL course and a 20-hour practicum. The TEFL course was written by Dr. Daniel Portman, a doctor in Education, with specialty in applied linguistics and more than 20 years of experience teaching TEFL at the university level. Daniel’s extensive experience in course development are what is behind the course flowing so fluidly, resulting in an ultra-high completion rate and a recognition factor worldwide for leading quality. Dr. Portman will be one of your personal tutors for your eTEFL Online TEFL course.

Cancellation and Refunds

We will refund to you 100% of your purchase price if you have not accessed your course, bonus resources, or 3rd party products or services.  This refund policy is active up to 7 days from the date of original purchase.

Be advised that after you have accessed your eTEFL Online course via the link sent to you or made use of any of the bonus resources or 3rd party products or services, your payment cannot be refunded.

Please also be advised that after 7 full days have passed since your date of purchase, your payment cannot be refunded.

In order to offer you the highest quality product we can, we have made commitments to other parties who make up out team of experts. Our refund policy has to recognize that we have made commitments on your behalf with these parties, as well. 

While there is no set rule regarding refunds for backing out of a purchase after payment, many companies honor the standard “cooling off period” of three days (for consumers who change their mind about their purchase). At eTEFL Online, we took this one step further and offer a 7-day cooling off period, conditional on your purchase remaining in intact (unopened / unaccessed). We are giving you access to resources that are unavailable elsewhere. We reserve access to these resources to only our special customers, that’s you!

One reason it is suggested that we have an informal talk before you order is that we want to ensure that the time and the opportunity are what you are looking for – no surprises. 

Did we mention that you TEFL certification is valid for life?  It’s like a college diploma or university degree – it will never expire!

All courses, bundles, and 3rd party /partner products and services are non-transferable.

How long does it take to complete the TEFL course?

It’s a 120-hour TEFL course and a 30-hour practicum. Few people will complete the whole system in less than three weeks. You speak English, now, so you may expect it will be quick and simple. The course delves into how to teach non-English speaking people, how to engage and keep the engagement of a room, online, how to manage an online class and classroom, how to structure a lesson and how to teach early learners, and a lot more. It is not as much about English as it is about how to teach English well.

You should aim to complete the course in three weeks, but if you are doing it as a sideline, you will have up to 6 months to access all the online course platform.  The TEFL course is self-paced.  If you need an extension beyond 6 months, you can request an extension, but an additional fee will apply.