5 Top Reasons People Choose eTEFL Online:


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High Completion Rate

Our completion rate is consistently higher than 95%!

Many TEFL and TESOL courses struggle to achieve 25% completion rate. We’ve maintained our completion rate above 95%, meaning more than 95% of the people who start our TEFL course complete it.

The eTEFL Online TEFL course was designed by a university professor, Dr. Portman, who has several years of TEFL experience and a depth of knowledge and experience designing courses. This course flows logically and reads like a best-selling novel. It really makes for a very engaging course and is the reason why our success rate is more than 3X higher than many companies.

We'll Answer Your Toughest Questions

What can you do with your TEFL certificate? Who is the best employer? Who pays the best? Who has the lowest turnover? How do I contact them? What do they need to see in my Resume? What about my cover letter? Do I need a demo? What will they ask in an interview?

We know this stuff.  We’ll help maximize your chances for the BEST jobs and coach you to have a winning interview. When we don’t know something, we’ll tell you we don’t, then we’ll find the answer and let you know.

Why? Because that’s what good companies do!

Sharply Higher Success Rate Securing Work

Our ADVANTAGE system makes certain that you have a MUCH HIGHER success rate! In the past few months, eTEFL Online’s success rate for helping clients secure work has been an industry leading 100%! That’s unprecedented!

Employers look for specific things in application packages. That’s where support from eTEFL Online becomes invaluable. We know what employers  want and we’ll make sure your application package is turbo-charged!

On Job Guarantees:  We don’t guarantee you a job.  Some TEFL companies do. Here’s our reason… there will always be jobs paying $3-4 per hour or physically located in dangerous locations. THAT is the guaranteed job that one company offers as it’s job guarantee. We won’t do that to you. We’ll never do that to you. We’ll work to find you jobs at $20-30 per hour or more.

We promise to do our best to help you find what you are looking for.

We Give You Many More options

Remember the Dr. Seuss book, Green Eggs and Ham? 

 You can teach in schools online… You can teach children… You can teach adults… You can teach college students… You can teach school lessons or specialty lessons… You can freelance… You can start your own business…

With eTEFL Online, you have options…

The Advantage System will help you find the very best online jobs that are rated tops for quality, support, compensation, loyalty, and the list goes on. Or perhaps you want to be a freelancer… We can help. We can help you set up your profile and find a niche. This is what sets our Advantage system apart from the rest of the industry…and at no added cost!

We Build Relationships

What’s left to do AFTER you’ve earned your TEFL certificate?  What’s left to do AFTER you’ve landed the job?  Most TEFL companies are just a distant memory, but eTEFL Online is still your partner – we’re still here for you / with you.

How do you deal with an online class of students? How do you structure the course? Did you know that your student’s feedback plays an enormous role in the quality and direction of your career, including how much you earn? Our Advantage system includes a practicum (practice teaching), that almost all online schools value. With our system, you’ll teach real students in real time in real classrooms and they really don’t speak English – YOU are the teacher… Online… With feedback to help you improve! Most TEFL companies that offer practice teaching do so in front of your classmates online. It isn’t the same. There’s no substitute for the real thing – and it’s included in our Advantage System.

Here’s a BONUS for you: Employers absolutely love the “real” practicum of eTEFL Online and the Advantage System. That’s one of the reasons our students consistently land the BEST TEFL jobs, and land them faster!

In Summary...

Most of our students will earn back the entire cost of the Advantage system before teachers from many TEFL courses have even landed their first paying job.

Add to this that we have our own social media group AND an online membership only library. If and when you need our help in the future, we’ll be there for you!

We recently celebrated 5 years in business and our Google rating is 5 stars. We’ve earned this through our commitment to honesty and integrity, and remembering that customers are our greatest asset. You’re the reason we’re in business.


If you are interested in getting started earning money quickly, you found the right company to help you do it. We’ll have you you earning money faster, with greater opportunities and flexibility, and earning wages that are on the higher end.

Did you know… You’ll very likely earn back the entire cost of the Advantage system before teachers from many TEFL courses have even landed their first paying job?

That’s the value of The ADVANTAGE System!

If you have questions or want to discuss how you can get started, click the button below and I’ll set aside time just for you so I can get you some answers!