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In a world that operates on English, many people want to learn to speak English better, and most have a preference for our North American English dialect.

You can trust eTEFL Online as specialists in training and certifying Americans and Canadians to teach English online. Our team of specialists provide the very best teaching English skills you’ll find, globally.



Meet Allison, educated in universities in P.E.I. Canada and Colorado, U.S.A. Growing up, Allison spent summers in New England and winters in Atlantic Canada.

Let’s get personal… I’m an animal lover, with a passion for horses. We own, breed and raise horses, and I’m also a licensed horse trainer.

For almost twenty years, I have been teaching university and TEFL became an avenue for students to gain some experience and income without having to move away from our local area for a job.
Covid-19 brought a second market beyond university graduating students as many people sought an additional income source.

The entire eTEFL Online family shares the values of genuine concern for people. The team is made up of a collection of the strongest group of partners who are able to provide the best possible product/service to our customers.


The eTEFL Online Story

Jody van der Westhuizen was an ESL teacher for 10 years before starting eTEFL Online in 2016. Jody was driven by a want to help new teachers get started teaching English, knowing the many steps involved from becoming certified to teaching your first class.

Jody’s commitment to quality and consistency in teacher training courses has never waivered, and climbed to new heights when Dr. Daniel Portman was added to the team. Dr. Portman has 20 years experience in university course development and TEFL, making our TEFL course one of the best available anywhere.


Your eTEFL Online team share a common mission: To help our clients.
We’ll guide you through practical online teacher training and document creation; teacher profile writing and job interview coaching; and freelance coaching and business coaching.


The eTEFL Online Model

eTEFLOnline is a “different” kind of company. Unlike many of today’s businesses where automation and bots provide support and assistance, we use live human beings – real people who want to listen to you and help you with the problem you are having right now so you can get back on track again.
Our goal is to help you become an independent online teacher who can earn a living no matter what is happening in the market.

Our TEFL course was written and developed by a university TEFL professor and was accredited by OTTSA, the Online TEFL and TESOL Standards Association. The course flows logically from topic to topic, resulting in a much more enjoyable experience for you. We help you prepare your resume, cover letter and other documents necessary to land the really good interviews.
Later, when you’re ready to advance to building a successful freelance online career, we’ll be ready too, helping with your teacher profiles, showing you how to specialize and deciding how much to charge for your services.

These are changing times. Life moves fast and things outside of our control can spin our lives around in an instant. Whether you want a part-time income for today’s bills or a rainy day fund for tomorrow, or whether you want to develop this into a full-time job that gives you control over your life, our goal is to help you reach yours!


Meet the team



Jody van der Westhuizen. Jody’s vision has set the course to ensure your success on this journey.



Dr. Daniel Portman is an in-residence advisor and author of the acclaimed eTEFL Online TEFL course.



Lawn Dixon created the online, live, real-time, practice teaching with actual non-English speaking students that’s so highly acclaimed by employers.



Landia Davies is our in-house expert on Teaching English, who can connect by phone or online to answer any TEFL problem you may have.

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