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New Online Teacher Bundle Packages Coming Soon…

We’re always doing our best to bring you what you need to make your career super successful. Stay tuned for our new additions and new offerings, as they become available. Watch for:

  • iELTS
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Stand-alone TEFL course
  • and more…


Our Advantage system is the culmination of partnering with the best companies, coaches and organizations we could find in the industry, worldwide, to create a great package designed to ensure you would have a successful, sustainable online teaching career.


Our Advantage system was developed so you could start working FAST!  In fact, most people who complete our Advantage system will have earned back the entire cost before students from other TEFL companies have found their first job!

What’s Included In Our Packages?

Our primary focus is on training great teachers by providing modern, industry-leading training courses and unrivalled, ongoing support.

When enrolling in one of our packages, you will become part of our Online Teacher Community. You’ll have access to our teachers’ resource center with free downloads, free training videos, done-for-you lesson plans, job application links, and much more.

You will also have access to our private Facebook professional development group, membership to our private online teacher support WhatsApp groups, and regular email updates, and free trainings.

Resource Library

Throughout your online teaching career and even when you teach your first course, you will find it helpful and convenient to have full access to all the resources you will need.
Over a number of years, eTEFLOnline has been compiling lesson plans, job application resources, training videos, and even optional free courses for you to develop further as a teacher.

All of these are included, free of charge to our eTEFL Online certified teachers. This has proven to be an incredible saving of both time and money.

Ongoing Professional Development

Times change and the need to stay abreast of those changes is what will keep your services in demand for many years to come. Your eTEFLOnline TEFL course provides you with the foundation for introducing a new language, creating lesson plans and engaging with your students, but the learning never stops.

That’s why as part of eTEFLOnline Canada, you will continue to have access to our professional development support through our private Facebook group run by our course manager, Dr. Daniel Portman. Dr. Portman holds a Doctorate in Education and has been training teachers (TEFL) for over 20 years.

Online Teacher Community Support

Our Online Teacher Community is a tremendous resource for people to maintain their focus on their professional and mental health, because we know that from time-to-time it gets lonely working online from home or even traveling as a digital nomad. We understand how important and valuable it is to have a support network of people who are on the same journey and always willing to help and to share.

Included in every Online Teacher Bundle Package we offer, is your passport into our Online Teacher Community. It is here, where through email and our private WhatsApp group, you will have complete access to selected recruiters and fellow online teachers who are ready at a moment’s notice to help one another get interviews, find resources, motivate and challenge each other. The members in this group are people just like you and their aim is to help the community get the most out of their careers teaching English online.

Social Media Promotion

When you are starting your career Teaching English Online, it is best to employ more than one approach to finding students to quickly develop a steady income. While working for online schools is undoubtedly the easiest and therefore generally the best way to “start” your teaching career, it is also the lowest paying and a reason why we suggest getting your own students as a freelancer. There are freelance platforms you can use to help land your own students, but being able to market your services online is always important. Part of our Advanced Teacher Bundle Package includes help creating social media posts for you, help defining your own market niche, and help gaining exposure through our Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn accounts.

Our Partner Network

Tu academia en casa

Tu Academia En Casa

Tu Academia En Casa is an online English school based in Spain that provides the students, lesson plans, and scheduling for our practical teacher training.

Ottsa Accrediting professionals

OTTSA Accreditation

Our courses are accredited by the OTTSA, UK’s Online TEFL and TESOL Standards Agency. This ensures that the course content, methodology, and delivery meet international standards. You can check our accreditation status HERE.

Just ESL Tutors

Just ESL Tutors

Chris and Rachael are digital nomads who not only have decades of experience in ESL, but a depth of experience in recruiting and resume-writing.  We’re proud to have them as a partner in our Online Teacher PATH Program.


eTEFL Online USA / Canada Benefits and Bonuses

eTEFL Online

Referral Program

Once you start teaching with eTEFLOnline USA / Canada, we know you will be talking with friends and colleagues about it. 

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If you refer somebody to us who purchases a Teacher Bundle Package from us, we will reward you with a monetary commission as our way of saying thank you!

At eTEFLOnline, We Are YOUR Team

We are with you throughout your journey so we become YOUR team.  When you need us, we will be ready to connect you

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Wouldn’t it be awesome if you had a coach to help prepare for interviews and mentor you through the process?  We’ll provide all the support you need.

Our Online Teacher Community provides you with even more access to recruiters and to your fellow online teachers who are always there to give you advice and support about getting interviews, finding resources. They’ll motivate you and they’ll challenge you.  We’re one big happy family that wants you to get the most out of your career teaching English online.

Resource Library

Our resource library is always growing and transitioning, keeping it fresh and modern for you. 

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With all of our bundle packages, you have access to our resource library that includes done-for-you lesson plans, free downloads, free courses, and much, much more.  Best of all, you get lifetime access as well as job support and interview coachin