In August 2021, China’s government announced that nobody could teach its students online from outside the country, which for many teachers in Canada and USA was devastating news. This meant that many teachers who were exclusive to the China market were about to become completely unemployed.

Unlike people who had only a TEFL course, our graduates had been schooled on how to diversify and many immediately pursued some of the additional income streams.  eTEFL Online was structured to thrive in this environment.

  • Our TEFL course prepares you to teach in online schools in over 107 countries.
  • We offer supports to develop a freelancing income stream.
  • We offer exam preparation courses in iELTS and TOEFL (coming soon)
  • We offer direction for building out income streams in consulting and entrepreneurship.

We know that surprises and disruptions happen, just like they always have and no doubt will continue in the future.  Let’s face it, Covid-19 was not a predictable phenomenon.  We’re being proactive to help insulate your career from such disruptions as much as possible. With multiple income streams, disruption will be minimized and your income will be stable instead of erratic. All this is part of our eTEFL Online Advantage System.

It’s just one more reason we believe eTEFL Online is your BEST choice!