The Process


Our Advantage System Process

People hit a “dead end” when companies sell TEFL courses with no link to the workplace.

Our Advantage system was developed to be different, with a goal of taking you “all the way” from day one to teaching your own online students.

Our process is built on ensuring adequate supports at every leg of the journey to make it stress-free, enjoyable and rewarding.

You’ll begin with your TEFL course, that you can complete at your own pace. We’ll check on you to see if there’s anything else you need or that we can do to make the process better for you.

We use a “gold standard” TEFL course. The course developer has many years of expertise designing courses at the university level and just like a really good book that you can’t put down, this course has a tremendously smooth and logical flow. With lots of examples and illustrations, almost everyone (95%+) who starts the eTEFL Online TEFL course finishes it. Some companies struggle to keep their completion rate above 25%. 

Sadly, most TEFL companies offer a TEFL course. That’s it. Their graduates have no leads to jobs. It’s no wonder these people take a long time to settle into jobs in the sector, for those who don’t move on to try something else…

We’re different. After you earn your TEFL certificate, you’ll be matched with a mentor and in small groups, build out your Resume, cover letters, teaching demo and other pieces that are each tailored for TEFL. We’ll share what to expect in your interviews, too. To land the best jobs, these are the details that you HAVE TO GET RIGHT.

We set out to design the fastest and most efficient way for you to make some really good money. …and we succeeded!

We’ll check in from time-to-time, just to be sure you’re enjoying the success you were looking for. If there’s a problem, you can bet we’ll work diligently to help get to the bottom of it with you / for you. There are no guarantees, except that we will do our best for you!

Our Advantage System gives you a lot of what other TEFL companies don’t. We give you what the employers are asking for:

  • REAL Practice Teaching using real students (who don’t speak English), taught by you, in real time, online. 
  • Your on-the-job practice teaching will be evaluated and you will receive feedback to make you a better teacher.
  • Quality TEFL job search, including how and where to apply.
  • Guidance crafting your Resume and cover letters with what TEFL employers want to see.
  • We’ll guide you through putting together your TEFL demo.
  • We’ll give you access to our online database of lessons and all things TEFL in our online Resource Center.
  • We’ll help you pivot into freelancing and/or consulting when the time is right, and offer some help getting established into entrepreneurship if that’s your calling.
  • We’ll enroll you into our private social media platform with all the other eTEFL Online English teachers.
  • and a lot of other things…

You’ll likely have already earned back the total cost of your Advantage system before most students from other TEFL courses have landed their first job (for some, before they land their first interview…).

At eTEFL Online, we’ll be here for you.

“We’ll keep working to keep you working.”