What Steps Are Involved?



Our system is designed to get you TEFL certified and earning money quickly.

Here is what you can expect will happen. Please understand that more than one step can be happening at a time.

Step 1:  Complete eTEFL Online TEFL Course

Step 2:  Meet with your mentor and the other members of your group, virtually – small group format

Step 3:  Complete the Practicum (online practice teaching) component of your TEFL certification

Step 4:  With help from your mentor, explore a teaching strategy that interests you (audience (age, etc.), schools or companies that are best-suited to you, your personal schedule, how to best set up your teaching space, and other issues)

Step 5:  With direction from your mentor, develop your Resume and cover letter(s), and demo (if needed (your mentor will advise you))

Step 6:  Stay engaged with your mentor. He or she may be able to open doors for you. It’s part of the eTEFL Online difference!

Step 7:  Stay engaged with your advisor. As you progress, we’re all here to help. We’ll help you develop additional revenue streams in consulting and freelancing, and link you to additional profit centers as they continue to develop and emerge, including TOEFL, iELTS and others

Step 8:  Reach out to us by email, phone, text, our own social media platform, or another way. Let us know how you are doing and what you are doing.  Let us know what has worked well and what has not, so we can adjust for the times. Through “continuous improvement,” we’ll continue to strengthen our brand and reputation to increase the value of your TEFL certification!

Step 9:  We’ll help you develop the entrepreneurship wing of your business, later. First, let’s get you started with your TEFL course!

MOST people who use our Advantage system will have earned back their entire cost before MOST of our competitor’s customers land their first paying job!

“We’re working to keep you working!”